Why FCP X works for me.

 I like what Chris Fenwick says on his Podcast FCPX Grill, "FCP X solves problems editors didn't know they had. When I open a project and start editing, I get a sense of the user interface disappearing and the creativity has plenty of room to grow and thrive. FCP X is not for everyone, for me it has many innovative features. Companies like Blackmagic who make Divinci Resolve have blatantly been inspired by the look and feel of FCP X.
 In my opinion, the future is online, cloud based editing. Imagine if bandwidth could handle fast cutting? Frame.io has some amazing tools that even allow for shortcuts within their online user interface. If Apple could make FCP X a cloud based editing machine, where server farms feed you content after uploading, much like their productivity Apps- Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, then theoretically, an editor could just start editing no matter where or what machine they were on, as long as the network would allow. Perhaps that's what is to come with the iPad Pro?
 On the other hand, cloud based software is at the mercy of a lot more than hardware mishaps such as connectivity strength and password authorization. Just ask Adobe. At any rate, once you break through the learning "Wall" of FCP X like the Kool-Aid man on a hot summer day, you'll feel very much like you're in the future. Oh Yeah!

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