Lights and Shadows Cheat Sheet

Lights and Shadows has a lot of control, but sometimes- it even leaves me with a bit of confusion as to which lights are on and I'm the one that created this! So, here is a "cheat sheet" with each light numbered correctly. 

 As you can see from this illustration, numbering the lights just gets in the way of the edit. There are already lots of controls, why create more clutter? Well, the downside is it can be pretty confusing after a bit of tweaking. After playing with this plugin for some time and using it on my own productions, I found myself turning on the lights in the order that I numbered them. Also, after a while of moving the lights around- I find its best to just turn the light on and off in the inspector if I do get confused.


 And here is what it looks like with all the lights turned on when applied to a white solid generator.

I actually created the Light Bulbs first when I had the idea to place the Accent Lighting on a wall in some green-screen footage when I considered getting a cucoloris (Cookie) and thus, Lights and Shadows was born. Don't forget to get the extra pack of Cookie's that go along with this plugin so well! 

I had so much fun making the cucoloris effect, and it really is fun to play with! The ability to choose your own in order to use the drop zone really opens up the creative control you need. I prefer images to tweak, but you can use video! Use with Blend modes and this plugin really opens up a lot of creativity! Just make sure that the video you use as a cookie works best if it has an alpha channel and if it is the same length or longer that the video you need to composite on. 


 One last thing, don't forget you can keyframe almost everything in Lights and Shadows! I can't wait to see what you are doing with this!

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