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Reduce Echo in FCPX

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How to track Masks using Chromatic

In this video, I show you how easy it is to track a mask using Coremelt's new professional color grading plugin for FCP X, Chromatic. You can download a trial version here

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The Definitive Multicam Workflow

In this FCP X Multicam tutorial I show you how to create, edit, and transfer projects with multicam clips. This is a must watch to get you up to speed fast. 

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How to slip clips inside Masks with FCP X

In this quick tip, I show you how to move clips around inside of a mask. I use an Adjustment Layer that you can download for free here

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Does Rendering Speed Up Exporting?

In this video, I do an open test of outputting my project before and after rendering to see if exporting speeds differ. Spoiler Alert: They do.


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How to use FCP X Hands Free

In this episode of The Edit Room, I show you a great Mac OS feature- dictation commands! Now you can create your own commands that allow tasks to be completed using just your voice! Admittedly I would never edit this way. However, with my hands resting in the "home" position as I'm tagging clips, all I say is "Next Clip" its actually faster than having to hit the down arrow key because my hands never move from their position. If I set up dictation commands for my keyword shortcuts, then that's even better. Let me know what you come up with!

Check it out-

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How to Key Green-Screen in FCP X

In this video, I show you my workflow for keying green-screen footage. I use a few effects including the FCP X Keyer, an Adjustment layer, Gaussian blur, Lights and Shadows- along with the extra downloadable "Cookies" I have that you can get here.


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How to reduce Flicker in Time-Lapse video

 Flicker can happen when taking still images and combining them together to create a video. This plugin from Seed Digital Media helps reduce this type of flicker, as well as many other flicker types that are from other light sources such as tv screens, LED lighting, and when using high frame rate footage. You can purchase the effect at for $29. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

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The Über Proxy Workflow in FCP X

 In this tutorial, I show you how to create a "Travel" library that references media outside the library in what Apple calls a "Referenced" library. I take it a step further and create Proxy files that are much smaller in size than what Final Cut Pro transcodes natively. There's Compressor droplets and Automator workflows to help speed things along. This was inspired by Sam Woodall and Ben King thanks to their article they shared to, only they missed one thing that makes this work. 

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Also, I discuss more in my "Workflow and Organization" workshop which is for sale for $29. You can download it here

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How to upload video to Twitter in FCP X


 Arctic Whiteness, the creators of Final Cut Library Manager, has created a new app called Video Tweet which allows you to upload your video directly from FCP X. In this video, I show you how to use it and a really handy trick when you have multiple videos to share in your Twittershpere.

You can find it here:



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