FCP X Version Release Dates

[FCPX v10.3.4 Oct. 2017]

 First, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing and downloading my plugins and subscribing to The Edit Room. Your support helps me continue to keep creating new tutorials and free and paid plugins. Thank you! Feel free to join the FCP X Outpost, a Facebook group dedicated to learning about new plugins and effects for Final Cut from some of the industries leading FCP X developers.

 It has been about 5 months now since the last update. While we wait for an update to the new version of FCPX that is rumored to drop soon, (hopefully at the Creative Summit this week!) I am not planning to update right away on mission critical machines. I’ve learned since FCP v5 that it’s best to update after an OS update/upgrade. Then, I also wait for the .1 release which is typicaly bug fixes that weren’t squashed in time for major feature releases. It’s been since May since we've seen an update. When I do plan to update, it will be one machine at a time with test libraries. Basically, when my production time is slow, I'll do this. However, if you just purchased a new machine with the latest OS- it might be best to make sure you have the latest version of FCP X (after the latest version of 10.3.4) since it also utilizes the operating system. I won't be surprised if this new version would require High Sierra. 

 If you're interested, FCP X Radio will be broadcasting Live from the Creative Summit at the new Apple HQ. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. 

 Version history- 

10.0       June 21, 2011
10.0.1    September 9, 2011
10.0.2    November 16, 2011
10.0.3    January 31, 2012
10.0.4    April 10, 2012
10.0.5    June 11, 2012
10.0.6    October 23, 2012
10.0.7    December 6, 2012
10.0.8    March 26, 2013
10.0.9    July 30, 2013
10.1.0    December 19, 2013
10.1.1    January 16, 2014
10.1.2    June 27, 2014
10.1.3    August 19, 2014
10.1.4    November 25, 2014
10.2.0    April 13, 2015
10.2.1    May 14, 2015
10.2.2    September 4, 2015
10.2.3    February 4, 2016
10.3       October 27, 2016
10.3.1    November 29, 2016
10.3.2    January 19, 2017
10.3.3    April 13, 2017
10.3.4    May 25, 2017

 Here's the release notes by Apple:



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