Lights and Shadows

 For the first time you can now have Lights and Shadows inside Final Cut Pro X! This package of plugins includes 3 effects, Light Bulbs, Accent Lights, and a Cucoloris, (Shadows). This was created using Final Cut Pro X version 10.2.3 and it also works with 10.3! All parameters can be key-framed, including the color and brightness. Accent lights can be rotated and both, "Light Bulbs" and "Accent Lighting" can be applied to titles as well!

Don't forget to purchase Cookies designed specifically with Lights and Shadows in mind! 

Download today for endless creativity! 

Here is a brief tutorial video on how to use it- 

Give your backgrounds a little depth- 

I added a little gaussian blur to this low quality image as well. Also, for more shadow effects, check out Cookies- a download with over 70 files of shadow effects that work great with Lights and Shadows!

Here's a great customer review from The Video Whisperer blog-

Pure Frickin' Genius...

Also- here's what Seed Digital Media says about it: 


"On first look you can confuse this with a mask...but once you get to actually USE it it's so different. It's like you have actual LIGHT, not just a more exposed mask. The light works with other lights and can create shadows, overlap each other how natural light does, etc. And honestly when it comes down to it it saves me time. Everything is RIGHT THERE within the inspector and the on-screen controls. I don't have to sit there and create a new color effect, then mask, then shape the mask, then expose, etc. You literally turn the light ON/OFF and move it where it goes with the on-screen control...then brighten/darken in inspector and done. It's pretty sick. I have now used it on 3 boring scenes in a video I am working on. I am stoked to own it! Thanks Jon Belew for creating something that has been needed in FCPX for YEARS! I didn't even know I needed it til I got it LOL!!
-George Edmondson of Seed Digital Media

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